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SunBurst - A Free Form Crochet Piece in the Making

In order to make this piece, I went through my yarn stash and lined up all the yarns and threads I had in the colors I wanted to use, lightest to darkest. Then I starting working. The first section is concentric circles, starting with a clear, faceted quartz crystal bead and a circle of white shiny cotton bullions. Each row uses the next darker color. A thin band of gold ends this part. The rest of the piece is essentially three more rows--one of orange to bright red and one of deeper red, each consisting of "ray" forms with scrumbles to fill in the spaces. The final row is just maroon rays (alternating homespun wool and shiny cotton) all edged with copper.

There are also lots of "sparkles"--I used yarns that included metallics of all colors, and I had some carry-along gold lurex and some rainbow lurex that picked up whatever color I was using it with. I added these wherever I needed to. All told, I used 30+ different yarns: acrylics, metallics, lurex, cotton, mohair, angora, wool, cotton embroidery floss, and one quartz bead. Photo by Prudence Mapstone.