Viola x wittrockiana
Violaceae or Violet Family
3 to 8 inches tall - incredible variety of color shades and combinations
Full sun to part shade
Fertile, constantly-moist soil for best performance
Early Spring through Late Fall!
Propagate by seed or cutting
Photos by Jane Hendrix

Pansies are sold as annuals but in my cool-summer climate, Pansies are perennials. They are the all-around best species in my garden. They begin to bloom in March while snow still lays deep on the ground and continue non-stop until snow covers them in November. Their colors range through the whole spectrum, including white, black, bicolors and tricolors. They will grow and bloom in poor soil but they perform best in constantly moist, fertile soil in full sun (cool-summer climates only!) to partial shade. Heights can range from just 3 inches to 8 inches. I cut back scraggly plants in mid-August to keep them compact and blooming.