Saxifraga x arendsii
Mossy Saxifrage
Saxifragaceae or Saxifrage Family
2 to 4 inches tall - white, pink, or rose-red
Full sun
Fertile, constantly-moist soil
Propagate by seed, cutting or division
Photos by Jane Hendrix

Mossy Saxifrage is usually a rock garden species. However, I noticed my specimens trying to escape from those drier soils to the heavy, wet clay under my gravel paths. So I transplanted a small plant to my bog garden and, to my surprise, it flourished. I still have several specimens in rock crevices in my rock gardens but I have moved others to the moist, fertile conditions in the bog garden where they are thriving. Mossy saxifrage forms a mat of small, tight leaves from which arise reddish stems topped by white to pink to rose flowers in mid-spring.