Primula angustifolia
Fairy Primrose
A Colorado Native Alpine Species
Primulaceae or Primrose Family
1 inch tall - magenta
Full sun
Fertile moist soil during spring growth & blooming
Propagate by seed or division
Photo by Jane Hendrix

Fairy Primrose is a diminutive, alpine species of moist hillsides and late snow beds. Its narrow leaves can be smothered by hot pink blossoms. Being so small at just 1" above the ground, it can be easily overlooked in the wild. But placed in the very front of your bog garden, it will shine! Fairy Primrose likes a cold, wet position in full sun (cool-summer climates) while its blooming but it's not a plant of waterlogged soils so site it on a low mound of soil in your bog garden that will drain well while staying moist.