Primula x polyantha
Polyantha Primrose
Primulaceae or Primrose Family
3 to 6 inches tall - various (see array of color combinations below)
Full sun to part shade
Fertile, constantly-moist soil
Mid-Spring through Summer
Propagate by seed or division (easy)
Photos by Jane Hendrix

This is the easiest primrose to grow, either from seed or purchased plants. The rugose foliage stays neat and compact and the brightly-colored flowers are conspicuous sitting atop the leaves. The plants stay low, reaching a height of about 6 inches, and they bloom in my bog garden for 8 to 10 weeks beginning in early spring. They increase rapidly and can be dug up and divided in their 3rd year from seed.

Give Polyantha Primrose constantly moist, fertile soil in bright light (north-facing aspect with no overhead shade).