Polemonium pulcherrimum
Subalpine Jacob's Ladder
A Colorado Native Subalpine Species
Polemoniaceae or Phlox Family
6 to 10 inches tall - sky blue
Light shade to part shade
Constantly-moist, humus-rich soil
Late Spring to Early Summer
Propagate by seed or division
Photos by Jane Hendrix

Subalpine Jacob's Ladder likes to "hang out" with Planeleaf Willows (Salix planifolia) and under Englemann Spruce (Picea englemannii) above 11,000 feet elevation. It does well in boggy as well as drier soils if given shade from searing sun in the latter environment. When in full bloom in early summer, Subalpine Jacob's is truly "very pretty" as its Latin species name describes. This is a rhizomatous species so give it plenty of room to spread. It will stay short, not rising above 10 inches and usually much shorter.