Scrophulariaceae or Snapdragon Family
6 to 18 inches tall - yellow or pink
Full sun
Wet, humus-rich soil
Early to Mid-Summer
Propagate by seed, cutting or division
Photos by Jane Hendrix

Monkeyflowers have fetching faces and, in their large, hybrid forms, can be very eye-catching.

Pictured below is (top) Mimulus 'Extra Choice', a large-flowered hybrid that grows to 12 inches.

Bottom left is Mimulus guttatus (Yellow Monkeyflower) a Colorado native of streamsides. It ranges in height from 4 to 12 inches.

Bottom right is Mimulus lewisii (Lewis' Monkeyflower). It also likes wet soil along streams and ditches. Lewis' Monkeyflower also comes in deep rose and can grow to 18 inches in height.