Myosotis sylvatica
Boraginaceae or Forget-Me-Not Family
6 to 10 inches tall - intense blue, pink or white
Full sun to part shade
Fertile, constantly-moist soil
Late Spring through Fall
Propagate by seed
Photos by Jane Hendrix

Once witnessing the intense, blue color, no one will ever forget Forget-Me-Nots.

This species is listed as a biennial; that is, it sprouts and grows a basal rosette of leaves the first year then returns the second year to bloom, set and disperse seed and die. However, in my climate at 10,000 feet, many of my plants will live at least 3 years. Also, seeds dropped in summer will sprout and grow into a small, flowering plant before cold weather sets in.

Blue is the usual color but Forget-Me-Nots also come in pink (shown here is 'Rosylva') and white.

Give Forget-Me-Not moist, fertile soil in sun or part shade and they will delight you with sprays of color from spring to fall.