Gentianopsis detonsa
Fringed Gentian
syn. Gentianopsis thermalis
A Colorado Native Subalpine Species
Gentianaceae or Gentian Family
4 to 24 inches tall - dark blue
Full sun
Constantly-moist, humus-rich soil
Mid- to Late Summer
Propagate by seed (annual)
Photo by Jane Hendrix

One of the few annual species that grows at high altitude, Fringed Gentian can be found coloring wet meadows and bogs when most other flowers are done blooming. It grows at 10,000 feet in my area and blooms in August. In the wild, it is of small stature - usually under 4 inches tall; however, in the garden, where it seeds around freely, it has attained a height of 18 to 24 inches with large, multiple blossoms.