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Another Day/Another Bear

It all started with an early morning phone call from Art - "Come down and see the black squirrel in our tree!" Knowing Art, we knew we wouldn't be surprised by anything.

The Frey's garbage cans have been frequently raided by hungry bears, but this guy was getting a little too bold. Not one to be frightened away, he climbed the nearest tree and waited for everyone to leave so he could finish breakfast! He came again during daylight hours, scaring Gail half to death by peering over a fence at her as she walked by. It was time to call the Game Warden to come set a trap, catch him and take him further away from populated areas. And to make matters more interesting, this was a day or two before the big "Annual Frey 4th of July Picnic." Soon more than a hundred people would be gathered on the lawn for an afternoon of food and fun . . . and a visit from 'Bobby Bear' would certainly put a damper on the festivities!