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THIS and THAT (Mostly Missile-laneous Stuff)

Found in this album are various photos, autographs and experiences of mine spanning over 35 years of space collecting. I've had the good fortune and opportunity to meet over 70 astronauts and cosmonauts and visit KSC on numerous occasions. While I have many fond memories and autographs from these many years, I mainly failed to record my experiences properly on film. I was always more interested in getting autographs, and taking photos & handling a camera was often a secondary and even bothersome hindrance. But at least, I did take some photos and the best are found here, with my favorite being me with legendary test pilot Chuck Yeager in 1999.

Many of the photos here were taken of events at the Kennedy Space Center relating to Space Shuttle launches. Perhaps my favorite is of my wife and I shivering just after the STS-60 launch on a very cold and windy morning in February 1994. We were standing next to the flag pole at the famous KSC Press Site and with the huge VAB behind. Fortunately, it was warmer for other Space Shuttle events and made for more pleasant and comfortable experiences. It was always a thrill and bonus to see and meet astronauts at the launches and there are a few photos showing those encounters - but not as many photos as I wish there were.