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Apollo Insurance Covers

Because of their dangerous jobs as astronauts, life insurance coverage wasn't available to the astronauts training to fly spacecraft to the moon (However, it has recently been determined that special measures were taken so that they actually had life insurance). So a creative way was devised to provide funds for their families in the event that they didn't return from the moon. Six different Apollo crews autographed space covers that were left behind to be sold if the crews didn't return. So-called "Insurance Covers" were created by the Apollo 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 crews but were fortunately not needed and later mostly ended up in space fans' collections.

In addition to the several hundred crew autographed Insurance covers created for each of six Apollo missions, another unknown number of covers exist that are identical to the actual Insurance covers, but weren't autographed nor intended for "insurance" purposes. They had stamps applied, were canceled and sold to collectors. These unsigned covers were in no way Insurance Covers and some collectors have come to refer to them as "Insurance-type" covers. Whatever they are called, they are significant and handsome space covers and some collectors, including myself, have sought these ellusive covers to have autographed by individual astronauts involved in the flights. Found here are a number of "Insurance-type" covers, with 11 autographed by a single astronaut and one by two. Unsigned "Insurance-type" covers are sought after by some collectors, but are not easily found. Their numbers are not known but surely not a large number exist. These unsigned "Insurance-type" covers are not very expensive, whereas the actual crew signed Insurance covers are expensive and are in much greater demand. Examples of actual Insurance Covers can be found elsewhere on this Website.