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Feather Painting, a new surface to paint!

Gracie gives me an ample supply of feathers twice a year when she moults or sheds her feathers. I am planning to create a sculpture of her in her own feathers but I will have a few left over. I've made feather earrings as gifts and adding new painted feather earrings which are available. I add many of my feather creations to the Parrot Rescue & Education Organization's auctions to help raise money.

I began with looking at the shape of the feathers and quickly sketched some of the humourous positions Gracie loves to get into. My first Feather Paintings were the most common Macaw anitcs! All my original Parrot Pride designs are copywritten and may not be reproduced. For more info on getting earrings, plain, painted, or made of your own parrot feathers, contact Susan: Makes great gifts for parrot lovers & owners! © 2016 by Susan Lee Billings. Do not duplicate anything on this site in any way without written permission. Copyright infringement will be prosecuted.