"Will we make the big leagues?"
Left: Bob Green, (that Welch Kid) and Right: Douglas Randolph

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The rolled up jeans helped pass them down to younger siblings too....
May. 17, 2013  By: Nancy
Notice that rolled-up jeans were the rage back then. It really made sense in that we could keep the jeans for longer periods of time as we grew taller. Our moms were so resourceful back in the day! And we just thought we were lookin'
Jul. 5, 2010  By: Bob Greene
Thanks for posting this for posterity Barb! It might not look like it in the photo; but, those days growing-up back in Welch were among the BEST days of my life! This was a photo used in the Welch Daily News. It was a story about early Spring snow delaying outdoor play in Welch. (1958-59)
Mar. 15, 2010  By: Bob "That Welch Kid" Greene
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