Jackson's Mills April 1956
Forgive me girls... It was bed time and hair was in curlers. Recling in front, Jeanne Grogan, 1st row: Vesta Kitchens, Elaine Breeding, Pola Noe. 2nd row, Mrs. Hardin, Barbara Dawson, Barbara Brown, Margie Clayton.

Photo Comments
I am sure you miss Margie, Bill. We do too. She was a lot of fun to be with.
Mar. 22, 2009  By: Barbara
I miss Margie!
Mar. 21, 2009  By: Brother Bill
It is so sad for me to look at this photo. We have lost Mrs.Hardin, Margie, Pola and Elaine.
Dec. 30, 2006  By: Barbara
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