Barbara Carmickle, Libby Matney, and Nancy Dawson.

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Barbara & Nancy: As I recall, that radio station had the call-letters WOVE. As a Welch "street-kid" I used to go up there all the time and watch the DJ's spin the 45's through the window of the studio. WOVE was a lot closer than my favorite WELC. Great AM transistor radio memories of Welch!
Jun. 25, 2008  By: Bob/by Greene - That Welch Kid!
If you were in the class of 1961, you will remember, too that, Larry Jenkins had his own popular "Teenage" program on the did our own, classmate, Jackie Romans! A lot of us use to "hangout" at the station after school. It was a fun place........and they always made us feel welcome!
Jun. 25, 2006  By: Nancy...again!
This picture was taken at the receptionist desk of the radio station that was located at the top of the long flight of stairs.......over Cox Department Store on McDowell Street. The pretty lady was married to the handsome "DJ"............give me a minute (or 1,000) and I will tell you their names..
Jun. 25, 2006  By: Nancy
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