Boy's State 1957
L to R Eugene Charr, Jim Legatto, Phillip Mathena,Mike Dalesandre, Dennis Taylor,2nd row Robert Likens, Jim Mosko, Larry Hurst,Daniel Saddler, Curtis Grubb, Jerry Hypes. 3rd row James Neal,George Parks, Robert Watson, Max Rhea, Doug Pafford,Sammy Spangler,Back row Clem Bassett Jim Friel, Karl Zick, Harry Gloss

Photo Comments
Guess I had forgotten that Jim went to Boys State. What a great thrill to remember my big brother as someone with good grades and successful school activities.
May. 28, 2013  By: Pat Friel Johnson
I think they had "Boys State" for a long number of years. Didn't they go during the summer? Don't remember ALL of the guys who attended from the class of '61, but I do remember that Otie Linkous, Nick Hawthorn, Roy Smith,....does anyone remember the others
May. 17, 2013  By: Nancy
Being chosen to attend "Boys State" was always something special. And they chose special young men to be a part of that too....all had good grades and were either active in sports or science.
May. 17, 2013  By: A Friend
I am a child of the 50s, but our state did not have this honor. I am sure you are all very fine men today.
May. 16, 2013  By: Carol Epperly
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