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Barbara, It Looks Like That May Be Sam Litz In The Booth By The Juke Box?
Sep. 22, 2007  By: Pete Plymale
You are right, that is Tony Miano in the first booth with Paul and looks like Bobby Adams.
Jun. 26, 2006  By: Tony Miano
My mom worked at he TIC TOC sometime in the early 50's. He rname ws Dorthy Blevins. Most people knew her as dottie or dot. Anyone that may remember her I would appreciate hearing from them. I can be reached at
Dec. 21, 2005  By: Chuck Blevins
Paul Griggle on the left in the first booth. Nancy, it looks more like Rush Floyd to me than Tony. Also Delores Gesotti in the first booth. Looks a little like Freddie Hardison leaning aginst the juke box. Help us out folks!! Is that Jerry by Emelia?
Dec. 7, 2005  By: Barbara
I am going to take a guess here, but is that Tony Miano, in the first booth, with his head turned to his right? I also think I see Emelia Gonzalez in the second booth? Who are the other kids?
Dec. 7, 2005  By: Nancy
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