Pat Donnelly
May Queen Hempill-Caples Elementary. About 1949. If you know the correct year, let me know. Another great picture from Joyce.I am working to get a clearer picture of these.

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I was just on the phone with Joyce and she is going to take qet picture with her Ipad and see if we can get a clearer picture. I am truly reliving my childhood. Ha
Aug. 21, 2013  By: Barbara
I know this was in the 4th Grade at Hemp.-Caples and Miss Cradtree was our teacher-- :yourock Barbara for finding these!!!! OMG I had just turned 10 years old in April--The dress was made of white crepe paper by my Mother and myself!! I was livin' a dream!!! Thanks for the crazy good memory-Pat
Mar. 15, 2013  By: Pat Donnelly Bradley
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