Welch hi Majoretts 1949

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Yes Linda, Can't wait to post your picture.I am waiting for Pat to send me her photo winning "All McDowell County Majorett". Welch had some majoretts to be proud of.
Feb. 5, 2006  By: Barbara
Oh, Linda, I can't wait to see your picture posted in the album! It will be a subtle reminder that the Class of 1961 has its own little mascot to brag about!
Feb. 4, 2006  By: Nancy
Nancy - You're too sweet! Yes, I have some pictures I'll send you.
Jan. 31, 2006  By: Linda
Oh! I love seeing pictures of little Patty St. Clair when she was our Maroon Wave mascot. Her sister Linda was the mascot right after Patty outgrew the role. In fact I think they were the only ones who held that position. I wish we had some pictures of Linda! Does anyone out there have any?
Jan. 8, 2006  By: Nancy
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