Breaking ground for Anderson Memorial Presbyterian
This must have been the summer of 1960 because this messed up our wedding in September 1960. A few days before our wedding, I started receiving call after call each one saying, "have you see the church?" I walked up the street and stood there as I saw the steps to the church had been removed and old ugle boards criss crossed over the beautiful white Georgial door of the church. As I stood there a man called out," I hear there is supposed to be a wedding in that church," I turned around with tears streaming down my face and said, "yes, and it is mine". The Armoury was being built by the same company and they just started on the church with out letting anyone know. I do think the workers felt bad about it. Mr. Bowden, Mr. Dennison, and Mr. Stockner, spent the next day, laying flat stones to the basement door, so people could enter that way. Blakely Field took care of me in many ways. "It Took A Village".