Nancy's 6 year old birthday party
First left is Mary Ellen Bishop,Nancy is next, with hands crossed. Snookie Lane just behind her.Tommy Bishop in front with Donald Bowman looking over his shoulder. Barbara left back. Hidden in front of Barb is Alice Faye Nameth. Behind Nancy is Gene Bowden's head .Sarah Haney, and Jean Harman in back. Boy on the front right is a Haney.

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Tommy and Mary Ellen we are having trouble getting in touch with you. Please sign our guestbook and we'll send you Nancy's email address.
Mar. 18, 2010  By: barbara
Hey I remember both of you. I had forgotten your little brother's name, but I do remember him. Gosh, It is so good to hear from you. I just called Nancy. She will be posting soon. Thanks, you guys.
Mar. 1, 2010  By: barbara
Well this shocked me nancy, I am Tommy Bishop. I live in Paducah,Ky. I am the brother of Mary Gilmore. As Mary commented, alot of water under the bridge since 1951. 02-23-10.
Feb. 23, 2010  By: Tommy Bishop
Yes I can TOP this, I am Mary Ellen Bishop now Gilmore. Wow, lots of water ran under the bridge since this picture. Nancy I do remember you an often wondered your where abouts. 02-23-10, Gallatin, TN
Feb. 23, 2010  By: Mary E. Bishop Gilmore
Would you believe that I ACTUALLY remember this party? And I remember that Donald Ray Bowman gave me a white lacy blouse with a ladybug pin at the neck. I still have the ladybug pin!!! Now can any of you top that? (Not YOU, Barb, I know you can.... You still have dirt from our childhood!)
Dec. 10, 2006  By: Nancy...way-past-six-years-old!
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