Another photo of Blakely Field
Barbara was born in the house in the lower center. It has since been torn down. "I didn't tear it down"

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Thank you Lewis. The Blakely name is one of Welch's most famous. They did a lot for the town. I was small, but I do remember Mayor Blakely. Thank you for checking out my site. I will add some more pictures soon. I have been lazy. :-)
Jul. 21, 2012  By: barbara
Thank you for sharing the wonderful memories of Welch. My late father, William T. (Tug) Blakely, who played baseball at Welch HS and received a baseball scholarship to WVU, would be proud - as would my late uncle, John Blakely, former mayor of Welch and for whom Blakely Field was named.
Jul. 19, 2012  By: Lewis Howard Blakely II
Mary Ellen I remember you. You had a brother Tommy. So good to hear from you. You were a cute little very blond girl.
Mar. 1, 2010  By: barbara
I was 6 yrs old when we left Blakely Field. Oh this picture brings back memories. God Bless who ever submitted them. Mary Ellen Bishop Gilmore
Feb. 23, 2010  By: Mary Ellen Bishop Gilmore
You can see why we got a lot of "home run" balls in our yard.
Nov. 3, 2005  By: Barbara
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