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Denis Brown in South Bend, 9/05

The Irish calligrapher Denis Brown presided at AnneBinder's home retreat workshop in September 2005. Attending were: Anne Binder, Diana Hutchison, Diane Stum-Fekete, Jacqueline Sullivan, Ginny Haldane, Heather Lee, Lisa Kivland, Sherri Trial, and Jan Hurst. Enjoy these photos, and if you need one at a higher resolution, let me know. Also let me know if I've made any errors in my captioning. (Ginny - I'm not sure I have your name spelled correctly.)

Only one photo has been cropped (Denis, Diana and me)due to time constraints. Many would benefit from some cropping. If no one objects I may open this album up to Cyberscribes or send some photos to the Graphics Board. If there are any you don't want me to share, let me know. Didn't we have fun!!!??!!! My email address is: