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Anne Barns, Barbara, Nilda Ramella and Peggy Kender. I still have that bathing suit. But some how it has shrunk quite a bit. NO I won't model it and you should be glad.

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HI Ed, I am not surprised that Peggy can still wear that swimsuit. She always was a cute little thing. Her parents owned the Dairy Queen in Welch and I worked there the summer of 58. Peggy and I had some good times. Hope I see you both at the reunion in 07.
Jan. 8, 2006  By: Barbara
I am Peggy's husband and she can still get in that bathing suit. As a matter of fact, when we moved to Holden Beach last year she brought it with her. I can't get her to throw anything away.
Jan. 5, 2006  By: Ed Cabaniss
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