Class of 58 brought the barrel home

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James, MY great niece is a cheerleader at Mount View. I will contact her and let you know.
Jun. 22, 2015  By: barbara
Can anyone tell me where welch football team play home games is at??? Seems they don't have any field except away games all the time over years after years!!! Same as baseball too!!?? Are there any tracks team and field? Can't find it at school no where.????!!?? Where is it?
Jun. 20, 2015  By: James Robinson
Great memories associated with this picture. The WHS Class of 1958 certainly did all we could expect of them. They got the Barrel back.
May. 28, 2013  By: Pat Friel Johnson
Gosh, Bud, I wonder why? How was YOUR view that night? Things looked PRETTY GOOD FROM WHERE I WAS SITTING......on the Maroon Wave side! (Just a little WELCH vs. Gary humor here!)
Nov. 17, 2005  By: Nancy
Hey,I don't like this picture--ha--
Nov. 16, 2005  By: Bud
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