Barbara Driving Princess
We give names to our cars. John drives a 4 door pick-up, we call "Godzilla." My other car is a Subaru, Forrester called "Smokey " and the T Bird is "Princess." It lives at the castle. That is how our last name is pronounced.

Photo Comments
OOPS!!!! 41 cent stamp now. If I know your birthday , I'll send a card.
Jul. 29, 2007  By: Barbara
This picture is now on a 39 cent postage stamp. It works too because I have sent several letters out with it.
Feb. 23, 2007  By: Barbara
Saturday night we took "Princess" to the cruise in at the Valley Mall in Hagerstown. It was a hit. There were over 450 cars there. We learned a lot from other collectors. They are eager to share good advice and give the names of good repairmen, a must with this hobby. Top is off, photo soon.
Aug. 16, 2006  By: Barbara
Yes, you can ride shot gun. We will have the cateye glasses and long scarves on our head and we will tour Hagerstown, with the top down as Laverne and Shirley
Jul. 29, 2006  By: Barbara
Barb, tell John, I love the picture he took of the car in front of your house. I can see one of "my bedroom windows" behind the trees! And don't forget, when I drive out again....."I GET SHOTGUN!"
Jul. 28, 2006  By: Nancy
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