Barbara's 1957 Thunderbird

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I just took the T Bird out for a spin, by myself. With a 50's tape going, I went back in time, to the Sterling Drive In. This time I had money to buy food, ha. This is a real experience.
Jul. 21, 2006  By: Barbara
Becca, I'll even let you drive it.
Jul. 14, 2006  By: Aunt BaBa
Very nice. I can just see you behind the wheel.....looking good..... promise me a ride when I'm up in your area.
Jul. 14, 2006  By: Martha
I it Aunt BaBa!! Its soooo cute! I think I am just going to have to make a special trip and take a ride!!! Love you lots and Miss you too!
Jul. 14, 2006  By: ~Rebecca
Under the seat, we found 4 cassetts of fifties music. Radio is not orignal it is from the 60's with a cassett player. I am glad. I sure did not want to turn the radio on a hear Whitney Huston.
Jul. 13, 2006  By: Barbara
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