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The large medicine bottle is from the Flat Iron Drug Store. Mirror is from McDowell Floral, Norfork, WV. Box of matches from Douglas Mortuary and book matches from the Welch Daily News. Bottle opener from Gregory J. Chevrolet-Olds-Cad.,INC , Northfork, WV. Reggie Falin gave me the tape mesure from the Purity Maid Bakery and the letter opener from Fanning Funeral Home. The other is just an ice pick.

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Medicine bottle from Flat Iron Drug Store, Box of matches, Douglas Mortuary, sewing kit from Welch Daily News, pop opner, Gregory J Cheverolet-OLDS-CAD Northfork, Tape measure from Purity Maid Bakery and letter opener from Fanning Funeral home were given to me by Reggie Fallen WHS 61.
Oct. 20, 2006  By: Barbara
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