Liver Sandwich is from the Hole in the Wall in Northfork. No one can remember the price.

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Hamburger 20 cents,hot dog 20 cents, fries 20 cents, coke or Pepsi 10 cents. What!!?? Look at today's prices!!,??? My god how did it got sky rocket on the prices today? Wished it still cost like it is in the past to today.
Jun. 21, 2015  By: James Ed Robinson
I don't know how much a liver sandwich was then but I myself would not have had one even if it were five cents
Mar. 5, 2010  By: laverne
The would have to pay me to eat it
Sep. 24, 2006  By: Jerry Farris '57
Welcome Aboard Iaeger. I didn't know anyone from Iaeger in the 50's. Visit often. Still don't have proof of liver sandwich cost, but I think you are right,it wasn't expensive
Jul. 20, 2006  By: Barbara,
I wouldn't think the liver sandwich would cost very much!
Mar. 22, 2006  By: A Iaeger High Cub '59
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