Welcome you to the TIC TOC II. My sister Nancy and I dreaming away in the diner.

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WOW !! Now it is 3 years later and we are snowed in again. After being trapped inside for 3 days, I do think we will be going out for lunch today.
Feb. 12, 2010  By: barbara
Today is Feb 15 and I have been iced in for 2 days. I spent most of Valentines day in the diner. I turned on the juke box, clicked most all the 80 50's hits, then lined up quarters on the pinball machine and had a ball, while John was outside chipping ice. He is taking me out today for Valentine Day
Feb. 15, 2007  By: Barbara
Remember the little triangle chairs that were at the glass top tables? There is a soda fountain in Bramwell with those same tables. I have tried to find one of them for the TIC TOC II.
Feb. 14, 2007  By: Barbara
Cherry Coke? Now your're talking!
Feb. 5, 2007  By: Bill Clayton
HI Kristy, The Flat Iron still makes the best ever hot fudge sundaes. This summer, Nancy and I had a hot fudge sundae there with Robert Tyson. Took us back in time.
Nov. 18, 2006  By: Barbara
To the last person who loeft a comment, my mother in law works at the Flat Iron.
Nov. 15, 2006  By: Kristy M.
My current drink of choice is a "Diet Decaffeinated Coke"..... but it would be fun to go "back in time" and share a cherry coke from the Flat Iron! Thanks for asking.....Tell us when you will be in Welch, and it's a DATE!
Jun. 27, 2006  By: A Friend
Guy with a dream, you made our day, but you would also have to dance with us.
Jun. 26, 2006  By: Barbara
Could I buy you lovely ladies, a Cherry Coke?
Jun. 25, 2006  By: A Guy with a dream!!!
OH, Bud, I knew there was a reason why we liked you so much!!! Your comment only goes to prove that some Gary Guys had good judgement......or more likely.....a good imagination!
Jan. 1, 2006  By: Nancy
Hey,,two "thrills from the hill"--us Gary boys were spellbound..ha
Nov. 28, 2005  By: Bud
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