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Welcome to the TIC TOC II:

The Tic Toc II was started in 1996. John retired in 1994 and he had traveled so much when he worked for the government and did not want to travel, so I said O K if I could do something I wanted to do, He agreed and the TIC TOC II was launched. We moved to a smaller house in Hagerstown and the basement was not finished so I started designing a real fifties diner with a Welch touch. Many of the items were given to us so it belongs to a lot of people.

John and I sometimes go down to the basement and fire up the juke box, get a coke in the little green bottles and dance the night away. Only problem is. I get tired faster now, ha. Earlier this year (2005) the diner was shown on TV. First the local Hagerstown NBC station did a show and then my mother called from Princeton, WV and said, "Barbara, people are calling me and telling me they saw you and John dancing in your diner on TV." The local Bluefield station is also NBC, so I guess they picked it up from Hagerstown. The next month Fox 5 Morning News in Washington DC called and wanted to do a show from the diner. They did two live shows with multiple promos. It was fun. I was surprised there was so much interest in the diner. The Hagerstown Magazine did a feature story about me in the March April issue (2009). I have added some of the pictures to this album Come visit the TIC TOC II, you may find your picture on the wall. Go to, type in (Barbara Cassell) You can view 2 of the videos.