Pocahontas Theater 1963
Winner of the bike is found on Buddy Garay's Gary Coaldigger web site. (http://www.garyhighschoolcoaldiggeralumni4t.com). Michael Miano informs us Linda Sue won the bicycle that was given away at the Pocahontas theater way back then. She had her choice of either a boy`s bike or a girl`s bike . She requested the boys` bike, and when asked why, she said that her brother had a paper route and he needed a bicycle. Her unselfish choice resulted in theater management giving her both bikes. I thought that was nice of the Pocahontas and it made me proud of my sister too. The story was reported in the Welch Daily News, but unfortunately I didn`t keep a copy of the story. I am not sure exactly when this occurred , but it was "way back then ". (Probably about July 30,1963--- ago).