Our Dad Wayne Dawson
Dad was circulation manager of the Welch Daily News and had to meet the train every day.

Photo Comments
Barb. I enjoyed the pics of trains so much. My bro.in law, Roy clay was an N & W engineer based at Wilcoe and usually worked out of Ieager. The one of the new diesel (with you Dad in the photo) I think that same engine was the first of the new ones I saw. Thanks, for posting them.
Jun. 13, 2012  By: Jim Norton
Barbara These Pictures are great! thanks for posting them!
Feb. 5, 2007  By: Bill Clayton
Glad you guys are enjoyng these photos. I will be adding some more next week. I will also give you some information. Gus has written some great books. One especially tells about his growing up in Welch. Will get to it soon
May. 9, 2006  By: Barbara
I grew up loving the trains,that hasn't changed! Good work.
May. 8, 2006  By: Ralph P Kitchens

May. 8, 2006  By: A Friend
Welch Native 1 Oct 1925 WHS Grad May '43 . . . Just found your xfine fotos today Sun 5 Mar 06 1410. THANKS FOR BRINGING ME BACK HOME! My E-mail is ncdoulou@bellsouth.net - Christodoulou, Nick (Gus)
Mar. 5, 2006  By: ncdoulou@bellsouth.net
Oh, I just love this picture. Daddy has just lit his cigarette and is putting the pack back in his shirt pocket. He would always stand with his weight on one leg and the other slightly in front! Funny how you remember the little things about your parents!
Oct. 27, 2005  By: Nancy
I forgot to say dad is the one closest to the train.
Oct. 26, 2005  By: Barbara
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