Class of 51'
Shirley Nacy (Bieske), and Nancy Huellmantel (Reiss). Was very nice meeting Nancy in person, a frequent visitor of my albums. These two gals have been close friends since high school, but lost touch during their child rearing years raising five children. Now that's busy! Nancy, the pleasure is mine helping Cyrilite's stay in touch with friends from St. Cyril. Note: The class of 51' was the third graduating class from St. Cyril High.

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Wow. This is the first time I saw this picture. Now I know when I wore that hair style. Shirley's husband, Tom, passed away in December 2008. We still keep in touch and will try to make the 2009 All Years Reunion in August.
Jun. 30, 2009  By: Nancy Reiss
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