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St. Cyril's 2005 Reunion

As usual a great time was had by all that attended. The crowd was no where nears the capacity as last year, but we are hoping next year for more to attend. A few "newbies" popped up this year such as Michael Parent and Mary Louise Lacko both from the class of 61', Nancy Huellmantel (Reiss) 51', Pat Mlinarcik 56', and also students from the class of 65'. Would love to see more attend from 65' next year as I was unable to attend our 40th reunion held in September 05'. Was great seeing the "familiars" that attend each year, and also Mary Ann Michalski and Barb Radulski, who both attended Cyril's for three years, as 71' was the last graduate year at Cyril's. We are going to try and get more students down from 71' next year.

Enjoy the album and lets make next year even better, attendance wise! PLEASE sign the guestbook instead of e-mailing me - let me know you were here! :-) Again would appreciate any names you can forward to me that are missing. I do need that secretary to jot names down as I go from one group to the next taking pictures, any volunteers?? LOL! PS. Well I finally broke down and purchased a state of the art digital camera -you should notice the difference - sure wish I had this cam when I was walking the halls of St. Cyril's! 10-12-05: Rich Walczyk 60' and the St. Cyril Fest committee has reported that 300 attended Friday's event - (not all were Cyrilite's) compared to 500 last year, and that the sales were excellent especially the food receipts.