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(1) Crew Signed Covers for all 166 NASA Manned Spaceflights

Presented in these two albums are crew signed covers (including a few crew signed photos) for all 166 NASA manned spaceflights, from Alan Shepard's 15-minute Mercury Redstone-3 sub-orbital flight on May 5, 1961, to the Space Shuttle's 135th mission and its final mission, STS-135, in July 2011.

365 different astronauts participated in these 166 NASA manned spaceflights in the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab and Space Shuttle Programs. Crew size ranged from one in the Mercury Program, to typically 6 or 7 in the 135 Space Shuttle flights, with one flight, STS-61A, having 8 crew members. There are over 900 autographs applied to the 166 mostly crew signed covers shown here. Most astronauts made more than one spaceflight and, for example, autographs of 7-time Shuttle flier Jerry Ross are found on seven different crew signed covers here.....I acquired these crew signed covers in a variety of ways: most were thru-the-mail requests directly to the crews; some were purchased; and others obtained in trades from other collectors (and two shown here are owned by another collector).....I wish to take this opportunity to thank the hundreds of astronauts who kindly took time to autograph my covers thru the years. Without their kindness and cooperation, collections such as this wouldn't exist. Thank you all.