Lynette & Naomi 9/25/05, No. Kihei Private Estate
Lynette & Naomi were joined in matrimony on Sunday September 25, 2005 at a private Kihei estate on the island of Maui, Hawai'i; Rev. Alalani Hill performed an Ancient Hawai'ian Ceremony of Marriage that was awesome and included Blowing of the Ceremonial Conch, Hawai'ian chants and blessings, exchange of leis, presentation of leis to their 9 guests, annointing with oils, drinking from blessed coconut cups, binding of hands with cord, exchange of kukui-nut bracelets, presentation of blessed bundle, vows exchange, ring ceremony, and pronouncement of Union for Life; 35mm photography by Patti LeGary of Kihei, Maui [THIS PHOTO: REV. ALALANI BEGINS THE CEREMONY WITH THE BLOWING OF THE CONCH]

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