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(1) Autographs of all flown astronauts: #1 to #55

Shown here is the result of one man's attempt to assemble authentic autographs of all the astronauts who have orbited the Earth on NASA spacecraft. A total of 385 different astronauts have flown in space on Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Space Shuttle spacecraft, which includes 166 NASA manned spaceflights.....Other collectors have mostly concentrated on astronaut autographed portrait photos, but my effort is different, as I've used space covers (envelopes) for my autographs and displayed here are 385+ space covers individually autographed by each of the 385 flown astronauts.....Of special note are three things: the autographs are arranged in order of each astronaut's first spaceflight, from #1 Alan Shepard on MR-3 in 1961, to #385, Japanese Naoko Yamazaki on STS-131 in 2010; the large majority of the autographs, including all of the Space Shuttle astronaut autographs, are on covers that were postmarked for each astronaut's first flight; and about 90% of the autographed covers have something extra added by the astronaut other than just his/her signature, such as a mission inscription.....An (*) placed before an astronaut's name indicates that the astronaut signed the cover for me in person and included here are in-person autographs from over 55 different astronauts. In many cases I have added the date that I obtained the autograph plus other information. I obtained these autographs in a variety of ways: in person, by mail-in requests directly to the astronaut, purchased, or by trade.

My main autograph collecting concern is authenticity and I have done everything I know to achieve and ensure that and am confident that I have presented here only authentic autographs. So it is my strong belief that every autograph displayed here is genuine and, because of this, it is my hope and intention that these many autographs displayed on this Website will serve collectors as an accurate and useful reference and resource. Comments and questions are welcome.....Bob McLeod < >, October 2005.