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Broken To Beautiful dolls by Kat Bunker

Broken to Beautiful dolls is a concept that came to Kat as she was playing with scraps of fabric and broken jewelry & a doll was born from it. These dolls affirm that nothing is too broken or discarded to be made into something beautiful again, including US! Using scraps of fabrics, trims, broken jewelry, fibers, you-name-it! a doll is created that brings beauty to what might otherwise be lost & discarded. For Kat, this concept was very powerful, bringing up hard memories from the past. She first taught this workshop at a local Shelter for Battered Women & their Children. Since then, she has taught it in other places, including Tuscany in Italy and on-line with the ClothDollConnection. The concept has also been taught by one of Kat's students in a Women's Prison.

The Broken to Beautiful Dolls have been taught by Kat as a healing and as a playful workshop to anyone who would like to create a doll from their own choices; a doll who carries with her an organdy bag into which one's pains & traumas can be written on scrolls and tossed inside for the doll to carry while YOU look to the future! Everyone has "baggage", this is a fun way to symbolically get rid of yours! The scraps & broken pieces of things & of lives can be remade into something beautiful again !