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The Highlands Returns To Hollywood Part III

In this third album dedicated to my 2nd trip to California to film footage for an upcoming Winsor Pilates infomercial, I've captured those moments off camera; behind the scenes. I learned there is a lot of sitting around and waiting when you're involved in a shoot, but it is those moments that may also be the most memorable. I will forever remember having the opportunity to meet Mari Winsor and receiving compliments about my figure from the woman who helped me achieve it. I will forever remember how surreal it felt to be on that stage, under those hot lights, talking to Mari and Daisy Fuentes about my weight loss success; having the chance to thank her in person. I may have lost a lot of weight and several dress sizes thanks to Winsor Pilates, but I gained far more than I ever imagined. I gained friendships that will last a life time and memories I'll cherish forever. I will forever remember the fun I had in Winsorwonderland.

"Keep some souvenirs from your past or how else will prove it wasn't all just a dream"...I still can't believe that an infomercial I saw one sleepless night in March of 2004 would change my life forever. I still can't believe that Camille, the young mother I saw on that infomercial last year, not only would share the stage with me for this infomercial but would also share much more, including our crazy sense of humor. Add to the mix the special Winsor Pilates guest from Nasa, Debra, and suddenly we had a true cocktail for craziness stirring up behind the scenes. Those two girls literally had me laughing until I cried. I honestly think that our week together in California was only the beginning for us. And then there was sweet Laura, another young mother and Winsor Success story who wasn't able to spend as much time with the 3 of us, but I'm so glad I got to meet her and know that we will also stay in touch, especially since she's moving to the east coast. The people at Guthy Renker and Cort Howell Productions are all so generous and I am so grateful to them for the amazing opportunity they gave me to share my passion for Winsor Pilates. I hope that I have the chance to work with them again in the future. In the meantime, remember to PYBO (Pilates Your Butt Off)