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More Highlands In Hollywood Part II

In this second album dedicated to my second trip to California to film footage for an upcoming Winsor Pilates Infomercial, I have included the pictures taken during the filming. First we had a group interview with Mari Winsor and Daisy Fuentes, sharing our success stories on camera. Next we filmed a workout session together. The other testimonies also filmed individual interviews with the producer (I already filmed mine twice, once during the last visit to California and once more when they came to my home in Maryland). The day in the studio was a lot of fun, even if it was oppressively hot under those stage lights! They actually have to shut off the AC when the cameras are rolling so it doesn't interfere with the sound quality. They would film tiny segments and then take breaks where they would shut down all of the lights and quickly pump in some air through large yellow vents hanging all around the studio. I seriously thought we were all going to melt before it was over. It was so interesting to see the entire process unfold. I was amazed by how many people work behind the scenes to put the infomercial together, far more than I ever imagined. When filming wraps at the end of September they will have put in over 6 months of work to create this infomercial.

I still can't believe I actually got to meet and work with Mari Winsor, the creator, who is so sweet and incredibly funny. When she first saw me walk in to the studio she walked up to me and in this loud, booming voice exclaimed "oh my god, look at your body! you are hot! turn around! look how toned you are!" I said, "I can't believe the woman who helped me get this toned body is saying this to me. This is all thanks to you" and she said "you did all of the work". I told her I couldn't have done it without her coming to my room each morning, through my VCR, and encouraging me every step of the way. She was shocked I did my workouts on my bed, yet when I told her I was 38 and had 4 kids she was even more shocked. Later on during our on-screen interview, when she discovered I accomplished this while living with Parkinson's disease, she got all choked up and they had us take a quick break in filming. She said she had heard there was someone that would be mentioned that had done pilates with Parkinson's, but she never would've imagined I was that person (a special thanks to my new higher dose of medication that has my Parkinson's under control for now). With tears in her eyes she gave me a hug and said that my story was one of the most amazing ever shared on her infomercials. It's truly all thanks to her; I couldn't have done it without her and her program! I don't even want to think what my life (or health) would be like had I not discovered Winsor Pilates...I also met Daisy Fuentes, the model and spokesperson for Winsor Pilates, who is even more gorgeous in person, if that could be possible. I also had a quick hello and head-nod to the actress Lisa Rinna who was on the set that same day to film her testimony. Apparently, many other stars were also recently filmed for this same upcoming Winsor infomercial, including Danny Glover, Rachel Hunter, Elle McPherson, Melanie Griffith. All in all, well over 30 hours of footage was filmed for this ad that will only require 23 minutes total. It'll be interesting to see if I even get 15 seconds of fame in the final product :-)