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"My Amazing Thailand 2006"

Just a glimpse of my life in “Amazing Thailand 2006” through the eyes of the digital camera, meet my Thai wife "Khun Orawan" my very special friends and the girls who share my life in “The Land of Smiles” =================================================

I took early retirement from England to Thailand in 1993, and I now live in “Naklua” a fishing village just outside the infamous city of “Pattaya” in a small Thai town house, near the beach close to the magnificent wooden construction “Sanctuary of Truth” (see album). Thailand is indeed the “Land of Sanuk” (Happiness), also a land of festivals and traditions. The Two Thai expressions ! -------“Mai pen rai” and “Sanuk”-----. They can not be translated into English with great precision, but are very important to help understand the Thai heart and character------------- “Mai pen rai” (don’t worry! Never mind! It doesn’t matter! But it also suggests a state of mind, to the relaxed atmosphere of Thailand). “Sanuk” (means “Fun”--- “Happy” all Thai’s love Sanuk! The land of Smiles! Land of Sanuk! To sum Thailand up even with just one word “Thai” means “Free”-------- “Thailand the Free Land ” my home!