Daylilies & Tulips
In late spring, as the earliest spring bulbs begin to fade, perennial red Darwin tulips grace the high end of this garden. In our cool, mountain climate, I can enjoy their stunning bloom well into July.

Before the tulips fade, bright red Iceland Poppies (Papaver nudicaule 'Red Sails') begin to flower. Intermixed with the Tulips, the brilliance of the red color carries on uninterrupted.

Later, in August, Daylilies (Hemerocallis 'Stella d'Oro')come into bloom, their long, straplike foliage adding interesting texture to the garden.

In mid to late August, the purple Clustered Bellflowers (Campanula glomerata) and pink Two-Row Stonecrop (Sedum spurium) come into bloom, adding to the blues of Alpine Delphinium (Delphinium alpestre) and Mountain Harebells (Campanula rotundifolia) and the rose and dark red of Maiden Pinks (Dianthus deltoides 'Zing Rose' and D. barbatus 'Nigricans'). Growing in the stump planter is long-flowering, silver-leaved Snow-in-Summer (Cerastium tomentosum), a usually invasive species that behaves very nicely in this natural container.