North Slope Garden
I built this north-facing garden especially for those gardeners who have only this type of exposure available for a garden area. Shade is provided by the wall of the shed. There is no overhead shade nor competition from lodgepole pine or Englemann spruce - our two dominant conifers. Like the West-Facing Garden photo, the soil began as our native sandy, acidic woodland soil and was amended with the same components in the same quantities at the same time - spring 1998. Like the West-Facing Garden, no fertilizer whatsoever has ever been applied here after the initial incorporation of alfalfa pellets when it was built in 1998. It is now 2006. Counting the 1998 growing season, that is 9 years without having to fertilize! In addition, the north-facing aspect of this garden and the insulative properties of the rocks keeps the soil always cool and moist. I never have to water this garden which give me lots more time to enjoy the folks who visit my garden.