Klaus's Wildflower Garden
A patriotic scene of red, white & blue just in time for the Fourth of July! Lupines provide the blue while Indian and Sulphur Paintbrushes provide the red and white. This is a totally natural garden. In fall of 1994, there was nothing at all growing here in the understory beneath a large lodgepole pine. We had the pine removed to protect our house and burned the slash in this spot. The surface litter was completely burned to the soil. We have done NOTHING to this area since then. The first spring, a few herbaceous species sprouted and bloomed. The next year more became established. By the 3rd spring, our list was getting long with close to 40 species of flowering plants. Some of those species have not been able to grow on other parts of our property because of competition. We do not scatter seed, water or fertilize this area. This garden is totally Nature's handiwork. We simply admire it!