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Hollywood Visits The Highlands

In April of 2005, after sending a thank you note to Mari Winsor for "sculpting my body slim" with her Winsor Pilates Workout Videos, she invited me to participate on her next infomercial. I flew to LA for several days of work on location filming (as seen in my Highlands Visits Hollywood album). In June they asked if they could come to my home to film some additional footage. A crew (consisting of Mark the producer, Larry the audio guy, Jim the camera guy and Michelle to do make-up) arrived June 9, 2005, for an afternoon of filming around the Highlands. That evening they filmed me at a local stadium singing the National Anthem before a game.

The footage around the house included scenes of me in my Before Jeans, wearing a little black dress, playing the piano, practicing the National anthem, talking about how Winsor Pilates changed my life, doing puzzles with 3 of my children, getting ready to go on the field, performing at the stadium, greeting my friends and family after singing, watching the game and even eating a hot dog. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed working with the crew. Stay tuned...I'm scheduled to fly out to LA at the end of July to film more footage for this same infomercial, only this time they say I'll be working with Mari Winsor and Daisy Fuentes. Woo Hoo! It'll be interesting to see what makes the final cut for the infomerical, which should be coming to a TV near you sometime in September 2005.