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Dear Mari Winsor (my Success Story I shared with her)

"A little piece of Heaven" used to have 400 chocolate-covered-calories and fit in my mouth. Today "a little piece of Heaven" finds me on my knees bowing down to Mari in a "we're not worthy" pose thanking her for sculpting my body thin. Thank you, Mari, for changing not only my body, but also my life! I gained 60 pounds during my last pregnancy four years ago. Six months after my son was born, I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease. Between the weakness from Parkinson’s and the weight I never lost from the pregnancy, I figured I’d never be slim again. Although doctors were stressing the importance of exercise for people with Parkinson’s, I could never find something that I felt I could handle, let alone do consistently. That was until one life-changing moment late one night in February 2004 when I first saw one of Mari’s info-mercials. Winsor Pilates not only seemed doable, but Mari kept saying she guaranteed results. What did I have to lose? I ordered the tapes with some birthday money and began doing 20-50 minutes of her Pilates every single day combined with a new healthy diet based on Mari’s recommendations. So what exactly DID I lose as a result of ordering those Winsor tapes: * Only 4 weeks after beginning her program, I had lost 20 pounds and dropped from a size 14 to a size 10. I felt better than ever. I was even noticing it was helping my Parkinson's symptoms. * Two months later I was down nearly 30 pounds and was fitting a size 6. * Three months after beginning Pilates, I had lost nearly 40 pounds and I was fitting into a size 2! * One year since discovering Winsor Pilates, I’m still fitting those size 2’s (even junior size 14’s and 16’s) and I’ve lost a total of 70 pounds! * I’ve gained strength I never imagined possible. I’m even able to do REAL pushups for the first time in my life…and this is even 6 years after my Parkinson’s began. * I never imagined I’d be this toned or this strong! Now I can’t wait to attend my 20th High School Reunion coming up this spring!

I am walking proof that Winsor Pilates is the best gift you can give yourself! I can't even begin to tell you how many people have ordered Mari's tapes after seeing my results. I tell them, “if I can do it, you can do it”…and now they HAVE! I have countless friends and family (both men and women) who have since ordered the tapes and many are beginning to see dramatic results. In fact, so many of my friends have been ordering them that we began a message board devoted to our addiction to Pilate's. That message board is a place we can meet online daily to remind each other to PYBO (Pilates Your Butt Off)…and thanks to Winsor Pilate’s Buns/Thighs we can do just that and so much more!! I’m so proud of the progress my friends and family are making. It’s made such a dramatic difference in so many of our lives. THANK YOU MARI!!