Another Scare ... Diaphragm Surgery
Apparently Sophie's diaphragm had a small tear in it, and 3 months after her accident, her liver, stomach and spleen pushed up into her chest cavity with her heart and lungs. We took her in for emergency surgery and Dr. Robinson saved her life AGAIN! She actually suffered a collapsed lung on the operating table, turned blue, and almost died. There were 3 assistants standing there holding her organs while the doctor fixed her diaphragm. Three hours after surgery, our little girl actually got up and went outside to go potty at the Vet's ... they were amazed at her recovery! She had 29 staples put into her tummy to close the incision!

Photo Comments
i am so happy for you, that your dog is OK now. unfortunatelly my beloved dog passed away recently. i can't express how i feel... still undefined...
Jul. 19, 2009  By: mirjana
oouch to her my oxgen is gone for sophie
Jun. 26, 2009  By: shauna
my heart goes out for sophie
Nov. 23, 2007  By: mistrey women
May. 19, 2007  By: Deb
Yes , Michele has right youre truly are wonderful !!. my dog have very bad paws we also doing everything to make her healthy
Apr. 1, 2006  By: ChelsJ
You are a warm wonderful family. I truly believe in taking care of these wonderful loving animals. It's nice to see others that feel the same.
Jan. 25, 2006  By: Michele
My heart goes out to Sophie, but I am glad she has all of you for her family! Your Love helped her get through all this. Thanks for sharing her story!
Dec. 29, 2005  By: MaryLu
hallo. y com from holland and y like your pics. love tamara. nice doc!!
Dec. 16, 2005  By: tamara
What a touching story....take care and thanks for sharing it.
Nov. 25, 2005  By: Bev
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