Otis Waiting ...
I got up to get more coffee and he sat there waiting for me to return. Guess he wants to give me more tax tips.

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ya vac clyzai vhimatelho izlagaqtec obrazho i tozho bydte ko mhe blagocklohi iya budu hrihimat ctudehtov bez yctali vcex hrimy
Feb. 10, 2013  By: b gubar@mail.ru
I can't tell you Marina How I love this video . It's so useful . It's short but it has an inmprtaot value . Helping each other How is that great !! I really feel happy when I can help someone to do something . I agree with you . However what you made is little . But at least you want to help .
May. 11, 2012  By: qTYppkwCvinTiUy
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